Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Darkness..............a poetic infinity

The more it is, more difficulty you have to see it. That’s darkness. Darkness is something that is perceived by eyes, understood by mind and felt by heart. Often an unsolved mystery, seldom an unfazed period, darkness has played a darling to dark desires, careless crimes and snooty sins. Walking down the lane, one can witness the children of darkness finding protection in their mother’s lap.

However, apathetic to the worldly affairs, I am sitting here on the terrace under the umbrella of stars….all alone in the midst of strolling shadows. Darkness topped my childhood hate list followed by brinjals. The moment light went off due to power failure, I used to run to mummy with a speed of electrons being attracted by positive field. I still shiver thinking of the ominous arrangement of my bedroom which used to give me a poch on my forehead in the process of reckless running.

Now, I love to sit in the darkness. Its my best friend. Filling pages of one’s personal diary is a tough job man! Kudos to those who do it but a person so confused like me must not give it a try. But, this black blanket with innumerable golden specks is the listener to my sorrow-filled poetries, my meek confessions, my pathetic humor. It admires my emotions and hides my tears. It inspires me to feel the melancholy more and more and brings out the poet inside me. I enjoy darkness. I find myself delving deeper and deeper in my mind, in my soul and in my sleep।

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