Saturday, May 24, 2008


Suddenly i felt,
the world crashes down over me,

the world ,
which promised to be by my side.
till i go deep under.

Suddenly i felt,

I am so lost.

lost within my own little world,
which have dreams to be fulfilled.

Suddenly i felt,
that i forgot to be "ME"
the "ME" which was so very mine.

yet so unknown.

Suddenly i felt,

I failed to be the one.
which i pretended to be.
The one,

which i promised the world to be.
which the world expects me to be.

Suddenly i felt a voice.
A voice so deep,
so strong..
yet so mild....

"sometimes something are meant to be broken, my friend.

even you are no exception."

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arpi......d confusd one :) said...

hey.........gud goin..... luvd d thoughts n xpressions.....