Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oNe FinE dAY...

One fine day
I felt ..
something bizarre.
something i never dared to feel.

somewhere in a distant place,
I heard a sound.

a sound so loud

yet so silent.
so devastating ,
still gone unheard.

I laughed it off,
pretending ...

cos i know , i have to.

I know ...
i cant pretend.
so i smiled
cos, deep inside ,
within my lonely heart
i bear
the secret of the sound........

1 comment:

Ruchi said...

gud effort as far as writing skillz are concerned..
the pic is great.. i must say..
bt yes.." thoda heavy ho rha hai yaar"

well..evrything is not to be kept to urselves..evrything is not to smiled away.nt to b laughed off..listen to dat voice.. dat inner voice n realize dat u r nt alone.. not lonely.i can only say dat..

square ur shoulders to ur friends,
be not the kind to quit.
its not d load that weighs u down.. my frnd.
but the way u carry it:)