Friday, June 6, 2008

tHE SOliTARy ENiGMa....

All his life
he tried.
just to prove
him rite....

to prove,
he was no different

to prove his love,
his love, for
someone special.
Which aint any infatuation..

to prove his faithfullness,
to prove,
a simple phrase
"I m me"....
to prove himself......

to prove,

even he had a heart
the heart which beats
for someone...

even he feels
the same...
the same feeling
like others do

all his life,
he cried .
for his existence ,
the existence which
never exists...

all he tried
to figure out
was he really an enigma..

but before

there he lies
all alone
unknown to the world..

there he lies
the unknown hero.
the hero for himself
who have nothing left
to prove

to the world...

there he lies the solitary enigma......

who tried .
all his life .
just to prove him rite....


prem said...

fElT aS if u r TrYin tO teLL ur oWn story.........Good wOrk mA fRiEnd

Kabir said...

gud :))

tellmeyourdreams said...

good one...ur blog looks similar to mine..u frm patna? thts my hometown too!

Varun said...

why dont u post ur poems at . Your write pretty well . Others shall be able 2 enjoy ur poems :)